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One of Those Airport Moments

The other night, I was driving to the airport, to settle down for my semi-sort-of nightly gig. My jams are playing, it’s still semi-sort-of light out (Which is a cause to celebrate for any third shift dude or dudette!), and the speed limit on the last road I take to reach the airport is 55.

I can drive 55. Especially with all the windows open and the jams playing. 55 at 56 (years) feels like 70.

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Ankle Biter Air Travel

This is a request to the parents out there, taking their little bundles of joy (and drool) on a fun-filled flight across how ever many miles to show them off / let them get loved on / get a instant babysitter at Gee-Gaw and Pee-Paw’s place.

As for the big bundles of joy (and drool), you’re on your own with them.

My request: Get off the plane and head down the ramp. Do not stop for anything – an undercarriage flush, an oil change (or changing the “filter”), getting the fluids topped off (or drained), or any detailing you might think of doing before you come ’round the bend to the sounds of delight and screaming.

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