The Cast Of Characters

Cal – Me, Captain Cal, Calbert, your fun-filled host and keeper of the Fluffy Goodness. Lover of God, Teller of Stories, Player of Whistles, Appreciator of Wonder, Afraid of Spiders.

My Beloved – Herself, The Proofreader, She Who Must Be Obeyed, Shade of my Heart, BrightEyes, My best friend, confidante, love and partner for 30ish years and counting.

BekaV – Beka Valentine, BekyJo, B-Dog, PuppyDog, Buzzsaw With Legs, She Who Causes Daddy To Bleed Much, CuddleBug, SweetGirl

Steve the Mental Hamster – The condition wherein my brain whirrs like a hamster spinning in a wheel. In this case, the hamster has a name, a personality, and a place in the cast of characters. Yes, I have issues…

Ezzie the Wonder Dog (in memory of 12 years of unconditional love…) – Ezri, Australian Shepherd, Living Creature, She Who Must Be Fed, Momma’s Baby Girl, DeafDog, She Who Must Play – NOW!