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What Calbert Learned Lately

"Life, schmife - if I ain't getting doggy bacon strips, something is seriously wrong, my friend."
“Life, schmife – if I ain’t getting doggy bacon strips, something is seriously wrong, my friend.”

You know how life shifts, and suddenly takes over, and you’re left wondering what just hit you, and if it left a mark, and if it matches your shirt or will you have to change, and your wife will ask you why you didn’t come home and pre-treat it, because that blood stain will never come out now?

Or is that just me?… Probably just me.

Anyway,  you realize that the summer just vanished, you’ve not touched your corner of the interthingie since last spring, and you’ve just been moving from point A to point B while getting hit by bus C and recovering in ditch D.


So, here’s a few things Calbert learned along the way… Read more

Hi, Breathe Peeps!!


A truly competent blogger would have had something in place when a post he wrote got published on another blog.

A truly competent blogger would have had something ready, to say HI to folks who stop by to check out the weirdness and fluffy goodness from this dude over here, and to invite them, in the immortal words from the Beverly Hillbillies, to “Y’all come back now, hear?”

 A truly competent blogger and writer would have had a post more current than the Third Age to greet those folks when they arrived.

*sigh* And a truly competent blogger I are not. Bad Calbert. Bad, bad Calbert. Read more

Another new feature…

You’ll notice at the upper right of the page a box that says upcoming shows. I’ll be listing there shows that I have coming up. So, if you’d take note, and come on out when you have a chance, I’d appreciate it!!! We are going to try and have jewelry items for sale at the gigs, as well as the CD, so if you’re interested in that, there you are. 😀

More personal stuff coming, but I’ve been focusing on getting some gigs going, and fooling with this page and my MySpace page, so haven’t really had time to ponder. I’m also trying to learn some web programming, so that I can get going on the re-design of, which will include a jewelry catalog and other fun stuff.

So, back to that, as well as cleaning the house in anticipation of our new beds, coming soon to a house near me…

So, notice something new around here?…

Yup. There it is. My own store. Another shameless self-promotion to get people to buy my music. 😀 And, I didn’t even have to do anything to set it up – those amazing folks from CD Baby did all the grunt work, and gave me a store that I can copy anyplace. Soon, it’ll get added to

But, the cool part is, you can sample the songs without going anyplace. Which is pretty sweet indeed! Whoo hoo! Geekiness abounds!!!!!!

Anyway, I’m off in a couple hours to put thoughts of selling music and making a living aside. Our church is open all day today for folks to pray and meditate, from noon to three there will be readings from the Word, and 10 minute sets of music each half hour, so I’ll be playing from around 1pm to 3pm. So, wherever you choose to observe Good Friday, take some time today to remember our Lord.

Easter blessings, my friends!

Welcome to The W’s W’s for 2007

This blog is Topher’s fault. Originally, it was intended to journal a trip through a medical fast. Since then, it has morphed into random stuff that has lost readers at a rate only slightly slower than the space shuttle escaping the atmosphere. But it continues – mostly because there are people who’d like to know what’s going on with Vicki and I, so Vicki always tells them to check here.

Thus, I soldier on. Not bravely, but there you are.

As people who actually read this thing know, (oops – there goes the booster rocket. Another 25 readers gone. 😀 ) 2006 was not among my banner years of hope and joy. 2006 was a toughie, and I want to say thanks for walking through it with us. I know that the events of last year had many, many of you praying for us on a daily basis, and we appreciate it. The fact that we are here, a year later and surviving pretty well, is a testimony to the prayers of God’s people and to His mercy and grace.

But, this is 2007. So, I’ve decided that there are certain topics that shall be banned from the blog. It’s time to launch them and move on… So, if you continue to read this into the new year, here’s some things you won’t have to read about…

Being laid off (It’s been a year now, and lamenting about it changes nothing. It took a while to get through it, since that was my life for the past almost-20 years, but enough.)
The joy of working from home (because a certain small someone has threatened me with various graphic and vile happenings if I mention one more time sitting at my desk, sipping mocha cinnamon coffee while she drives her 50 minute commute. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways.)
A complete report of every single cotton-pickin‘ retirement community that I play at (I do reserve the right to mention cute things that happen, but you already know that I play there, and I truly LOVE it!)
Sadness, depression, and pity parties (I’ll get to the miracle that occurred in my life just recently – suffice it to say that we’ll not be lingering in the darkness any more!)

So, what does that leave me? Well…
My CD, and developments for the next one (Yup – you’re still going to hear about the CD… especially if you haven’t bought it yet. ;-D Sorry – I’ll relax a bit when we’ve paid this one off… You’ll also be informed of the progress on the next one. Yes, there will be a next one. I’ve already got ideas for three original songs for it, and two hymn arrangements.)
Weight Loss (I’m not going into detail… yet. But suffice it to say that Lord willing, there will be a MAJOR change in this area – hopefully in this year)
Vicki (Especially since our 25th anniversary is in August!)
Ezri, The Wonder Dog (yup – my co-worker here at Wonderllama Studio. She’s my buddy, and keeps an eye on me.)
Riding recumbent bikes (I’m REALLY hoping for a new bike this year… we are looking forward to riding again soon!)
Making Jewelry (not only to encourage you to think about purchasing some… but because making beautiful things is good for my spirit. It’s one of the things I do to give glory to our Creator God, who makes us creative beings.)
Being a House Hubby (in the past year, I’ve learned to overcome my instinctive fear of loading the dishwasher, and Vicki’s actually let me do a couple loads of laundry… with extensive coaching, pre-setting the machine, and making sure I report on the progress, step by step.)


Being a child of God
– this is the most important one! God has taught me MANY lessons in this last year. I wouldn’t have chosen to have it this way, but I realize this was the only way He could get past the distractions and get my attention. I’m learning, albeit very slowly, and realize some of the purpose behind the events of 2006.

Now, I hear you say, it’s all well and good to have made the list of banned topics, but how do we KNOW that you’ll keep them banned? Because, you see, there are at least two people who I know read this thing who won’t hesitate a second to smack me down if they detect one of the banned topics. So, trust me – Eric (he of Captain Waterballoon fame) and Matt (a.k.a. Slim Jim James McJimmy, he of the mandolin and other randomness) are among those who will let me know, in NO uncertain terms, if I break the ban. There are others who, I’m sure would help out as well. So – no worries. My peeps will keep me honest. True dat. Word to yo… um… goldfish?…

(Wow… we gained back two readers… and lost 15 more when the robotic arm came out to snag a piece of space debris… Ah well.)

Welcome to The W’s W’s for 2007 – it’s going to be a good year, regardless of the events, because God is good. 😀