Hi, Breathe Peeps!!


A truly competent blogger would have had something in place when a post he wrote got published on another blog.

A truly competent blogger would have had something ready, to say HI to folks who stop by to check out the weirdness and fluffy goodness from this dude over here, and to invite them, in the immortal words from the Beverly Hillbillies, to “Y’all come back now, hear?”

 A truly competent blogger and writer would have had a post more current than the Third Age to greet those folks when they arrived.

*sigh* And a truly competent blogger I are not. Bad Calbert. Bad, bad Calbert.

So, in my usual style of closing the barn door when the horse is not only gone, but has moved on to the next county, laughing with all his equine friends about how he finally got the hork outta Dodge and shook the dust off his hooves on the way out, (Oh, and pooping. They do that too.) allow me to say…

Welcome, Breathe Peeps!! Huzzah! Woot with all Wootedness!!

*sigh, and again I say, sigh*

Alright – let’s at least ‘splain a couple of things…

First, something I wrote actually got posted, I mean, someplace other than here in the hallowed halls of the Fluffy Goodness. So, my particular brand of “unique” has now been foisted off on the unsuspecting world. Kyrie Eleison. It’s on the Breathe Christian Writers Conference blog, right over here. Click-clicky if you’d like to read it – I admit that it’s funny, (in spots) and true, (in spots) and resembles a leopard in that regard.

(Get it? Spots? Har har hee hee ho ho. I slay me sometimes.)

Second, that means that one or two folks actually stopped by our little corner of the weirdness over here, people who fall beyond the highly accurate total reader count I’ve long established as 4.78 readers, which means there’s all kinds of new folks wandering around these parts… Maybe even two or *gasp* three.

I gotta go sit down. Got a little dizzy there…

Anyway, I really should have been prepared with something to welcome them – perhaps sandwiches, coffee, (After all, a lot of them are writers, and lord knows they expect coffee at almost every point in their journeys. I know I do…) and fresh towels in the restroom. And in these things, I utterly failed.

Bad Calbert.

So, dear friends, if you’re new around here, WELCOME! It’s a ragtag little corner of the interwebs, where the Fluffy Goodness is dispensed with astonishing lack of regularity. Or sense. Or grip on reality.

Welcome. Wade on in, examine the chaos, grab a sandwich, and hopefully laugh a little at some point. And ask questions. The more you ask, the more you’ll know.

IMG_8537 I’m Cal, a.k.a. Calbert, the keeper of the Fluffy Goodness. And I’m delighted to have you here. I promise – I’ll get out the ladder and paint, freshen up the place, put up some new refrigerator art, and hopefully have something cool and groovy waiting for you when you stop by next.

Welcome, friends. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Barbara Bouthillier says:

    Glad I stopped by. I’m looking forward to the new refrigerator art and blessed insight packaged in silliness.

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