Where we is at…

For those marginally interested in how we’re doing these days…

– We’re in the appeal process for bariatric surgery, trying to jump through the correct hoops so that the insurance company will smile upon us…

– Health-wise, things are tough. The depression seems to be hitting harder than ever, so my counselor and I are working through it, seeing what can be done. That makes it tough to get things done, even things that I love, so the world is pretty grey right now.

– Gig-wise, the bottom seems to have dropped out of my retirement community gigs. Not really sure why, but I’ll use this time to work on the new CD. It’s a matter of calling places, finding places to play, etc. And, I’ve discovered that promotion and calling places and such is really my weakest area. Not good for someone trying to do his own business. 😀

– Our 25th anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks. Any big plans? Just trying to make sure the bills are paid and that we stay afloat for another month.

– Property-wise, no movement either on Mom’s house or our farm.

– But, the new bike has been ordered! Hopefully sometime in September, it’ll be ready. What we’d really like to do is to go out to Montana, see Vicki’s brother and his family, and pick up the bike in person, seeing some sights on the way out and back. Don’t know if that’ll happen, but it’d be nice.

Things aren’t bad these days, even though it seems like that. God is good, Vicki is amazing, and being able to work through these issues without worrying about holding down a job at the same time is good. I’m enjoying my 2-3 hours of voice work on WCSG per week, and trying to sort out the rest of life. God is indeed good, all the time.

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