Like a pitcher of cool water…

My last two gigs were refreshing to me… for two different reasons.

Friday the 13th, I played my electric upright with Jeremy Hoekstra. Just guitar, voice, and bass, all through my Bose system which gave it all a nice, intimate feel. And it was amazing – the way the two instruments interacted with Jeremy’s voice over it all.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE playing with a band, locking it down with a great drummer, and sitting in the pocket all night long. But it’s also fun to have a conversation with just two instruments – the give and take of making the music, the punch of the guitar’s rhythm, the subtle growl of the upright… very nice. (Vicki thought so too… :-D)

Saturday night, I played solo at Beanabox. Great night – not a ton of people there, but it was very nice. The best part – a dear friend who I haven’t seen in QUITE a while came out to hear me play. And that was like a cold drink of water on a hot day. Refreshing to my spirit. We both read each other’s blogs, so we know (on some level) what’s going on in our lives, but to catch up a bit was great. And, let’s face it – a blog can’t deliver a hug. 😀

And that’s why I love playing different places. Different experiences. Different opportunities to remember God’s goodness and His faithfulness. Even if we don’t speak of Him directly (although we usually do), He is present in our conversation, in our fellowship, and in my music.

And that is refreshing indeed. 😀

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