Something to look toward for inspiration

This is a Windcheetah – one of the fastest recumbent trikes on the planet, if not the fastest. But, you have to be below 280 lbs to ride this bad boy. And my goal is 10 pounds below that number. So, will I ever have a Windcheetah? Probably not. Something similar? Hopefully… But the thing I keep in mind is, by reaching the goal, I could ride a Windcheetah. Whereas, at 486, there was no chance at all… And that, class, is one form of motivation. 🙂


  1. Cal says:

    It is an incredible machine! The record set by a Windcheetah with a full fairing (which kind of makes it look like a torpedo with wheels) is around 72 mph. Not bad for a three wheeler. 🙂 There are other trikes that are better for touring, commuting, etc. But if you feel the need for speed, the Windcheetah is the one.

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