A huge milestone for His Kids Radio

This is one of those moments when my old self would have gone trolling for every special snack food in the house…

1 year ago, HKR took over an hour-long kid’s music program called Toonz. The show had successfully run for a number of years, and had a loyal following. Well, the folks producing Toonz decided that they couldn’t continue to provide the program. We wondered about being allowed to continue Toonz, as a production of His Kids Radio, and the Lord worked it out so that we could.

We aired our first show last June, with a promise of 40 new programs this year to our stations. My dear friend and fellow HKR’er Amanda became the new host of Toonz. And I had the honor to take over the producer role of the show. Which means anywhere from 2 to 5+ hours per program to complete a 1 hour show. At times the albatross around my neck, Toonz is the very best of His Kids Radio, and is one of the most fun and creative things I get to do.

As of 9:31 this evening, we are done with season one! We promised 40 shows, and ended up providing 47 shows to take us through May. We get a couple months off, and then on to season two.

So, rejoice with me, friends! I am both humbled and honored to be the producer of Toonz, and quite proud of what has been done. Proud, in the sense of seeing what great things God has done, and how His hand has been on us the whole time. And, if you’re ever interested in checking out Toonz for yourself, go to www.hiskidsradio.net, and click on the link for Toonz. Or, catch me sometime, and I’ll slip you a demo CD. Great music, tons of fun, and it all points to the Lord. What more can anyone ask?

Now to take a two month nap before season two!


  1. ooie32 says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!! what you’re providing is a terrific service to kids–and something they’ll more than likely remember in music appreciation class!

  2. Greg Yoder says:

    Great job, Cap’n Cal. What a wonderful product you produce and I’m praying that TOONZ will be even more effective in pointing even more kids to Christ.
    – Greg

  3. Dave Malin says:


    Sorry I don’t have a nice looking picture to send along like Ruth did!!! Not sure you’d want an old bald guy’s picture on your blog anyway.

    Congrats on the Toonz milestone! It’s nice to exceed a goal isn’t it. But, as you said, “in a couple of months, we’ll start all over again”. That’s the way I feel every June 1 when the new fiscal year begins.

    I pray for your discouragement in the weight loss journey. Your thoughts are similar to mine with diabetes. It just gets weary trying to make it work so it doesn’t take over your body. Hang in there!

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