So, what did you do?

Happy New Year, everybody! Welcome to the first post of the new year!

This will have more interest for my co-workers at CU than anyone else…

This year, the University gave us the week between Christmas and New Years off. Quite a lovely thing, really. So the big question around here, is “what did you do with your week off?” We found out about it sort of at the last minute, so there wasn’t time to make big earthshaking plans, so it’s been interesting to see what folks did with the time off.

As for the Olsoni? Well, we spent the week sewing for the most part. Yes. I said sewing. And I said US. Vicki is the one who taught me to use a sewing machine and a serger, and we really enjoy working on sewing projects together. So, Monday was spent cleaning the sewing room, which had become a junk depot over the last few years, and looking through our stockpile of projects in process and fabric, as well as checking our supplies to see what we had to work with. Tuesday was a trip to Saginaw to meet my aunt Debbie (Mom’s sister) for lunch at Red Lobster. We were delighted to find that my aunt Lori also was able to meet us there, and we had a lovely lunch and a long chat to catch up.

Wednesday, the sewing began. We found 7 vests (and a couple others) that we had laid aside and never completed, so we began with those. So, between some movies, lots of sewing, and some good rest, that is what we did with our week. We had two vests done in time for New Years day to wear to Church, and are wearing new ones today as well. The last two are waiting for a bit more stitching and finishing (topstitching, buttons, buttonholes, etc) and then we’ll be done with 7 new vests. Sweet…

Especially sweet when you consider that we haven’t done any serious sewing since before my mom died. Or for a year or two before that. So it’s been a l-o-n-g time since we were able to sew. And it reminded me of so many hours of spending time together, Vicki and I and “the girls” downstairs. Lots of good memories. And now, new ones to add to them. Nice…

So, C-stone folks, feel free to comment: What did you do with your week off?… 😀


  1. Amanda says:

    I tried to clear my brain from any images of you and T.W.B.K. in action.

    Didn’t work. When is CU going to give you another week off so I can try again? 🙂

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