In the new year…

A lot of my friends have made New Years posts on their blogs, so I guess that it’s time for The Captain to add his list of things that probably won’t happen, but are still worth striving for…

==> I want to finish my CD this year. Even if it’s at 11:59:59.999 PM on December 31st. I was hoping for March, since folks always ask when they hear me at the Father Daughter Banquet, “do you have your CD yet…” but I don’t think that will happen.

==> I need to keep working toward understanding what “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for it” means. Nowhere close to it yet, but working on it.

==> I want to get better at my craft, being PD of HKR, which is The World’s Best Job.

==> I’d like to learn to play the Chapman Stick, although that won’t happen since 1) they cost way more than I’ll ever be able to afford for an instrument, and 2) even if I had the money to buy one, the wait is around a year for them, so it still wouldn’t happen in 2006. But hey – I did mention that these things probably won’t happen. 😀

==> My weight remains an issue. I’m back too close to 400 lbs, and need to get focused again. I also need to find exercise that I can and WILL do, like making a place at home to be able to use my stability ball and weights. And I MUST find a water class for the sake of my knees.

==> 2006 would be a cool year to have knee replacement, if I hit my goal weight…

==> I want to get better at my chosen instruments: whistles, windsynth, bass, keyboards. I’d like to really learn how to use MIDI, and to really learn the programs that I use for making music. (Reason, Sonar, Acid, and even the cool new features in Band In A Box)

==> I’d like to get back to storytelling and maybe magic as well, although all of the above may preclude that…

==> And, at the bottom of the list, the thing that should be at the top – yea, even should be the entire list. I want to return to my first love. I want to follow Christ. I want to stop stumbling through my days doing everything but the one thing I should do – keeping my eyes on Jesus. All these other things are crapola compared to knowing Him more this year. I want to return to that intimate place I was when He was walking through my mom’s death with me. When He was so real to me that almost every thought included Him at the center. To re-establish my worldview with Him at the center as He should be. I want to seek Him first, then these other things.

So, there it is. If only one of these things happens, may it be the final one – to draw closer to the One who made me. That thing alone will put all the others in their right places.

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