Negative trumps positive

Well, it finally happened. On Monday, we made some rather aggressive programming changes to His Kids Radio. Among those were weeding out a block of programs we call The Classic Connection – programs from the 50’s or so, long ago and far away… Not bad, but definitely dated language, etc.

The classics hit the biffy this weekend. And, on Monday, the “how could you ruin my Saturday night” brigade was out in full force, letting us know in NO uncertain terms that there is now nothing worth listening to on our station, since we killed the ONLY programs that were worth their time.

Ok – I might be blowing that up a little for comic effect…

And, today, I found out that my blood sugar has crept up again. Not a great deal, but the Doctor asks that I pursue one of my favorite hobbies – poking my finger twice a day for the next week or so, before I see her and we discuss it.

My question is… why do the negative voices always sound louder than the positive? We’ll get a ton of mail about how HKR is impacting families, but one negative comment makes the rest of them fade away. In so many areas of life, one little negative can do so much damage. I’ve been free of the diabetic meds since I started losing weight, but one high blood test can make me forget all of the progress over the past two years.

How can we learn to roll off the negative, and let the positive do its important healing work in our hearts and minds?

Lord, help me stuff my negativity in some hole someplace and never let me go looking for it again. Help me to be an encourager, not a card-carrying member of “The Friends Of Job.” And, help me to process the negative by remembering who You are, and let Your positives always outweigh their negatives.


  1. Couchy says:

    Yes, I do thing that negative messages always outweigh positive ones. We can get a “pat on the back” e-mail and I feel good for about 10 minutes (max). When I get a complaint e-mail, I sit there and chew on it for an hour (or more).

    I think the negative being louder is especially true if “words of affirmation” are your love language.

  2. Amanda says:

    Very true. I think there’s some research out there that says it takes 8 positive comments to counteract 1 negative one. I don’t know where I heard that…maybe it’s just something I made up.

    It’s like a very unfair game of rock-paper-scissors, where negative always wins.

    That’s something good to remember while I’m raising my kids. Those negatives can do such damage.

  3. jenelle says:

    It’s an age old problem… but whatever is true, whatever is lovely…think on these things. Satan seeks to rob us of the joy God has promised us.

    Shows us all to be very careful of our words. Someone could be chewing on them for a long time.

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