The big finish

Well, for those of you tired of reading about the 25 day Christmas stocking, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for… the last one. 😀

Day 22 – 2 kisses and 2 Kisses. You can figure that one out.

Day 23 – 3 coupons for 2 people, 3 projects. She can pick three projects for us to work on together.

Day 24 – 24 hours free.

Day 25 – she got her present, which is all about numbers. 2 Sudoku books, a wooden Sudoku board, and a Sudoku board game. 😀 There were a couple other incidental presents along the way, including a very pretty sweater and matching turtlenecks that she wore to church on Christmas eve and Christmas day.

So, how did it go? I think she really enjoyed the 25 day thing. And, even if she doesn’t “cash in” all of the coupons, etc., it was still a 25 day reminder about how much I love her. And, after all, that’s the point really. The gifts we give are all about love. The greatest gift of all, when God sent His son to this world to redeem fallen creatures like you and me, was all about love.

“God shows His love to us in this: that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Merry Christmas, friends!

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  1. jenelle says:

    There isn’t a person in the world that could see you and Vicki (or read about you) and question that the two of you are in love. Thanks for the example of true love that stays the course.

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