Snow Day

It was just one of “those” days… The snow was coming down fast, yet very pretty, giving a kind of cozy wonder to the world. So, after dispatching my obligations to my high non-paying radio-on-the-side career, my co-worker and I here at Wonderllama Studio decided that a snow day was in order. Actually, a snow afternoon.

So, off to the Craftmatic went I, with knitting and DVD player in hand, with a few snackies and some diet Pepsi. My co-worker was pleased with a medium doggie chewie, and we settled down for a few hours of Star Wars and knitting. And looking out at the fluffy white world outside the bedroom window.

Reminds me of days of my childhood, when the snow was dumping down all night, and we hoped to hear that wonderful sound – the phone ringing between 5:30 and 6:30am, telling my mom that school was cancelled. She’d say those blessed words – “go back to sleep, no school today!”, and we’d sleep in. Then she’d make French Toast, and we’d settle in to a day of playing Monopoly on a card table in the living room.

Everybody needs a snow day every once in a while. 😀

Points of clarification:

1) Yes, my co-worker here at the studio is, indeed, Ezri the Wonder Dog. And an afternoon of doggie chewie and snoozing suits her right down to the ground.

2) No, this subject did NOT violate the banned subjects list. This was not about the joys of working from home, but rather the joys and memories of snow days.

There – are we all clear now?… 🙂


  1. Anonymous says:

    Well we had a snow day here (though I reported to work anyway (I think I actually like this job!). We had an inch of snow and it almost didn’t make it out of the 30’s…brrrrrrrr


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