A prayer request from Cal & Vicki

Many of you who read this will have gotten this info in an email, but for those who didn’t, Vicki and I are asking for prayer…

Vicki and I got some news tonight that’s pretty serious, and the only thing I can think to do is to let our friends and family know about it so that you can join us in prayer.

My aunt discovered tonight that the heat had been turned off at my mother’s house (the one in Oscoda that still hasn’t sold…) and that everything is frozen solid. The funrnace and even the thermostats had been shut down (we weren’t aware of that), and so the house froze. All we know at this point is that the downstairs toilet tank has split. Tomorrow (Wednesday), the plumber will be bringing a Salamander heater over to begin slowly heating the house – that’s when we’ll find out what kind of damage was done.

To put the icing on it, the house has hot water heat. So, the damage could be not only in the plumbing, but in the heating as well. 🙁 And, potentially, could leak and damage the new carpet, walls, etc.

The finances for the house are bad, to say the least. It’s been on the market for three years, and hasn’t sold. We’ve put money into improving it, and so this could be the thing that breaks us. So many things that Satan would love to have me dwell on… “If we only…” “If we hadn’t…” and so on, and so on. The enemy would love nothing more than to wrap Vicki and I in the darkest of thoughts, until we’re up all night with worry and regret.

So, I ask you, brothers and sisters, to come to our aid. Please remember us before the throne, so rather than being wrapped in darkness, we would be wrapped in God’s glorious light. Intercede for us, that we might remember Him who goes before us in all things. He has shown us His faithfulness through this last year, and I believe He will again, but it’s hard to see it right now. We ask for nothing more than for God’s people to intercede for us, so that we will wait on the Lord and not listen to the enemy’s lies.

Thank you, brothers and sisters. We love you…


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