Phabulous Photo Phriday – Running Man Edition

… I have no idea what that means.

Welcome to another Phabulous Photo Phriday, Philled with Phun, Phancy, and Phrippery!

Thus endeth the whole silly “ph” thingie. You can thank me in the comments section. Amen.

Anyway, I’ve been messing with photo filters and such this last week, so in a short little thing here, I thought I’d post a few of ’em. I do have a few that weren’t so recent, to kind of get the ball rolling…

These first couple are from a ride on the Musketawa Trail, in the part I refer to as the Forest Cathedral…

Musketawa Trail, added some effects from iPhoto
Same place, different angle, played with the colors and exposure
I’m the village idiot of digital photo manipulation, since I just monkey around with iPhoto for the most part. People who are Photoshop wizards make me bow in awesomeness awe.
Mackinac Island, colors monkeyed with, vignette applied. Or something like that.
Then came PhotoMagic on my iPhone, kind of training wheels for playing with a picture…
BekaV, experiment #1. The fans dig it.
BekaV, experiment #2. I’m loving the ‘painted on wood’ feel. The Proofreader, on the other hand, ain’t feelin’ it.
BekaV, experiment #3. Feels like a party outside under the lights, which pretty much describes her personality…
BekaV, experiment #4. My friend The Gov thinks this is her “I am SUPERDOG” portrait. Yup. I see it. I feel it. Good call!
BekaV, experiment #5. My friend Paul pointed me toward MangaCamera which produces this sort of thing.
BekaV, experiment #6. I LOVE this one. Totally the precursor for BekaV: The Graphic Novel. Remember – you saw it here first!
And, I messed around with a scan from our wedding, actually a photocopy of a picture Herself’s Dad took…
I love this picture – it always looks like I’m saying, “You alright, sweetie?” And she replies, “Dear Father in Heaven, WHAT HAVE I DONE?” And I respond, “Hey – I gave you any NUMBER of opportunities to come to your senses.” Then she throws up on my shoe.
Ok – I might be reading a little too much into that pic. I put a sharpen filter on it in PhotoMagic, and I LOVE how it came out. So much, that I did one more thing to it…
Sharpened, vintage filter, and a border. Absolutely love this treatment of one of my favorite pictures from over 30 years ago.

Truth be told, sometimes there’s no need to mess with anything… (with huge props to Papa Bill, who did a wonderful job capturing that special day!)

Why play around when perfection is already present? After all, in my eyes she still looks just like this… and always will.
Dat’s da fact, Jack.

Thanks for joining us for another Phabulous Photo Phriday! Tune in next time to hear BekaV say…

“Perfection? You lookin’ for perfection? YOU CAN’T HANDLE PERFECTION!
Well played, BekaV – well played…

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