Minor rant…

Alright – I just gotta put this out there…

I’m getting sick of musicians weeing themselves over their music being played by Republicans. The latest whine-fest? Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart, objecting to the song “Barracuda” being played while Sarah Palin was onstage at the RNC. “Her views are certainly not our views” was the comment.

WHO CARES? Sorry, but I don’t immediately think, “gee I guess that means that the Wilson sisters must fully support and agree with everything this candidate stands for!” Of course they don’t – they’re famous musicians. That pretty much points their compass to the far FAR left, if you get my drift.

Ms. Palin’s nickname in High School was… any guesses?… Yup. “Barracuda.” So that’s the connection to the song. Period. Certainly, I can understand if the Wilson sistahs (and their ever-so-interested watchdogs at their label) want to get coin back from having the song played. That keeps the RIAA in business, after all. But assuming that a music clip constitutes an endorsement? Nah.

Besides, with their lack of anything current on the horizon, wouldn’t you think that the Sistahs Wilson would like a little attention by now? Sheesh. If Ms. Palin wants to trot in to the strains of “Angelica’s Waltz.” I’ll not only be happy to send her a CD, but I’ll autograph it too. 😀

And hey – to be fair and balanced, if the good Senator O’BAM-ah would like to tra-lah in to that song, sure. That’d be fine. I’ll just encode some subliminal messages mentioning how the use of this music doesn’t necessairily represent the views of myself, Vicki, or Ezzie the Wonder Dog. So there.

Yikes-A-Roni. Sorry Ann & Nancy – just crawl back into whatever corner of obscurity you came from, and take a nap, ‘k?


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