Loveapalooza 2008!

Just in case you read this, but don’t get my local gig mailings, there’s a fun thing happening this week: Loveapalooza 2008! If you look at the upcoming gigs list to the right, the first two (2/14 and 2/15) are the dates for Loveapalooza.

So, what in the name of Fats Waller is it? Glad you asked. 😀 I’ll be doing some great music for Valentines those nights – nice enough to make the ladies smile, but not gushy enough to make the gents retch. Just right. Good background for you and your sweetie (or facsimile thereof) to have a nice conversation with. Or play a game. Or just sit, sip a beverage and hold hands. 😀

There will, however, be a couple of EXTRA SPECIAL features to make this night… um… Extra Special.

Win one of Cal’s handcrafted wire-wrapped pendants! Enter your name in the drawing and at 8:30 we’ll be giving away a pendant, handmade from a stone and Sterling Silver wire. Should be a nice treat for some fortunate person.

(I’ll also bring along some extra jewelry pieces, in case you’d like to pick up some goodies… :-D)

Will Cal play “My Heart Will Go On”? YOU DECIDE! We’ll be taking a vote on a song that’s either one of the greatest love songs ever, or the song most likely to induce abrupt illness at fifty paces. Make your voice be heard.

So, this Thursday in Hudsonville, and Friday in Rockford, join us for Loveapalooza 2008!

BY THE WAY… if you’d like to get on the list for future emails about places I’m playing, all ya need to do is let me know ( and I’ll add you. THANKS!

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