Basic rant post…

Why is it that things are so dawg blamed expensive?

We’ve been looking at remodeling our bathroom. At one time, we had been hoping to build a new house, but the layoff of ’06 brought those plans to a screeching halt. So, we’ve accepted the idea that we’ll be in our 100+ year old house for, well, probably the rest of our lives. Kind of a bummer, but not all bad. It’s a house. 😀

So, our amazingly small bathroom is what we got. How small? I’ve yet to see someone’s “small” bathroom that isn’t bigger than ours. When you stand in front of the biffy (with it behind you), your hands are already in the sink ready to wash up. Our challenge is to take a house that never was intended to be accessible or convenient and make it such.

For the bathroom, we are (or were) looking at a walk-in tub. One of those little dealies that have a door and a seat. You come in, sit down, close the door, and fill the tub. Can be fitted with hydrotherapy jets, so it helps arthritis and poor circulation. Good stuff…

Except that they are WAAAAY expensive. We just had a presentation in our very own living room (not at our request – they simply kept asking until we told them yes just to shut them up), and when the final number for the tub, installation, finishing, etc. was all added up…

Over 20G. Yup. Over 20K. Five figures. Mucho moolah.

I’m sure it’s worth it. Lifetime warranty on the seal, experienced people to install and repair the thing. Perfect features, steel understructure to support the tub, all that jazz. But it ain’t gonna happen in my lifetime.

Would it be good for us? Undoubtedly. This would be a tub that would work well for us for the rest of our lives. And the warranty lasts that long. And, if by some plan of the Father we ended up in a different house, it’d go with us. The hydrotherapy would be excellent for my legs and overall health. It’d be perfect.

But, it ain’t gonna happen. Not any way I can see. And that’s a little frustrating. 😀 So, why does the good stuff have to be so dawg blamed expensive?… Because it wouldn’t be the good stuff if it didn’t cost that much? I guess…

I’m off to collect pop cans, look for spare change in the car, and search the want ads to find a job. 😀

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  1. jenelle says:

    That is a serious sticker shock. Think off all the things that could be done for $20K. The possibilities are endless. You could put an addition on your house for that kinda cash.

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