Really REALLY nervous…

OK – I’ll admit it. I’m more than a little nervous. Tonight is the first Loveapalooza show, and before 7pm I need to…

Decide if I’m happy with the pendants I have to give away, or throw one more thing on the plate and make a new one or two;

Load not only my instruments and such in the van, but also the jewelry, the extra schtuff that we have for the special stuff we’re doing tonight, and anything else I might have forgotten;

(the loading happens at the back door, which involves three tall steps – murder on my knees…)

Making sure that the songs for tonight are not only in place on my laptop, but also are ready on my portable MP3 player, so that if one fails, I have the backup ready;

Before loading the van, first unloading extra equipment that isn’t needed, with many trips up and down the stairs;

Take a shower and get all purty for tonight;

Oh… and put in as many hours as possible at CBH.

All of this on a tummy that still isn”t quite over a little bug thing that kept me home Tuesday. Yup – I’m nervous. :-/


  1. Denise says:

    Oh, but I can’t WAIT for the concert, Cal! Ok, so my hubby and I are coming on Friday night — so I guess you get a ‘practice’ night.

    Like you need it! You are wonderful.

    …just please DON’T play the “Titanic” song… There are so many wonderful love songs out there to choose from! 🙂

  2. jenelle says:

    Sorry I won’t be there, but I know that you will provide a great evening and that your jewelry looks marvelous. Since I won’t be there – play away on the TItanic song 😉 Won’t bother me since I wont’ be there. Hopefully your knees hang in there.

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