… as in, monovision. 😀

When I first heard the idea of monovision, it was from Jack Haveman. His lovely wife, Bonnie, has (or, at least had at that time…) monovision – adjusting your contacts so that one eye is focused for distance, and the other is focused for reading. Then, your brain learns to sort it out from there and voi-lah, you can see far AND close, and not have to reach for the dratted reading glasses just to see what kind of beads you’re actually picking out at Hobby Lobby, because your well-over-40 eyes can’t read without help anymore…

Do I sound a little bitter about the whole reading glasses thing?

Anyway, at the time I thought, “one eye sees one thing, and the other sees something else? That sounds a little nutzzz to me.”

The next time I heard of monovision was at Red Robin with Vicki and her other little playmates that dabble in the arcane arts of computer sorcery. There I saw Jen Westrate reading the menu, sans reading glasses. I asked her how she escaped the over-40 curse, and she mentioned monovision. Now, the kicker here was that Jen and I both wear Toric lenses for astigmatism, and in her experience, the monovision thing was way cool and groovy. Hmmm…

Just goes to show you that when you first hear something, it may sound nutzzz, but if you’re desperate enough, and if it bugs you enough, what sounds nutzzz sometimes becomes interesting.

Mentioned it to the ever-fabulous Dr. Tom Snoeyink, our optometrist, although I called it by the wrong name, and found out there is actually something called a bifocal contact lens. And, it doesn’t work, according to him. Monovision does, however, for around 3 out of 4 people. And, since my right eye is nearsighted, I’ve been relying on it at night to read in bed, without really realizing what was happening. I’ve already been doing monovision, sort of. So, he said we could give it a go, and we have 30 days to exchange the lenses if it doesn’t work.

Thus, I picked up my new lenses today. My left eye sees distance. My right eye sees closeup. I’m way early in the adjustment phase, but I gotta say – this has serious potential. 😀 Although, it would be interesting to see a 3-D movie in the Imax – what happens in 3-D when you have two different prescriptions in your lenses? No idea…

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes from here. Yeehaw. Now off to try and sleep. Happy trails, friends…


  1. A bunch of years ago, I had Radial Karetonomy, which fixed my legal blindness. The doc told my eyes would deteriorate at the rate of normal people, so I might need glasses when I’m older.

    One eye is deteriorating faster than the other. 🙁 I haven’t been to the eye doc yet, I keep meaning to.

    But practically speaking, my left eye just isn’t as good as my right. I find myself all the time actually using only one eye.

    Fortunately, I’m right eyed, and that’s the good one. 🙂

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