Alright, since Hannah asked…

A while back, Hannah “tagged” me. Now, with my world being in higgly-piggly mode as of late, I not only had no idea what being “tagged” means, but also had no idea what to do about it. (She also put up a bad link to get to my blog… not that I’m bitter or anything… 😀 ) But, since we’ve got a couple of minutes to breathe between all the hubub of the past weekend, and the magic show I’ve got to pack for tomorrow, well, let’s deal with this…

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
1) Photographer’s Assistant, back in my senior year of high school.
2) Professional clown, balloon sculptor, magician and storyteller – I still am a storyteller and magician, but my clown character got stuffed into a trunk a few years ago. Every once in a GREAT while, Eye-Bee the Clown makes an appearance… but not very often. And, although I haven’t worked with balloons in a very long time, that’s one skill that I try and at least keep some basic knowledge of.
3) Sales clerk at Theatricks in Grand Rapids – I sold makeup and other theatrical supplies, rented costumes, and specialized in magic demonstrations. Oh – and sold balloons for other balloon sculptors.
Radio DJ – worked at WCSG, then at a tiny little station in Vicki’s hometown (WNBY in Newberry), then back to Grand Rapids, to do the afternoon drive at WCSG, then on to Saturday mornings on His Kids Radio. *sigh*

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
The Incredibles
Any Cirque Du Soleil show (I know – technically not a movie. Hey – my blog, my rules…)
Nanny McPhee – at least, I’ll watch it over and over when it comes out on DVD. I did see it 5 times in the theatre, so I guess that counts. 😀

Four TV Shows I Like To Watch:
Truth be told, we don’t have TV except for watching DVDs – I’m the type of person that plops down in front of the thing and NEVER gets up. But, these are the shows I do like when I get a chance.

Mythbusters (on the Discovery Channel)
The Deadliest Catch (also on the Discovery Channel)
What Not To Wear (on TLC)
-and, in a tie for 4th place…-
30 Minute Meals and Good Eats (both on the Food Network)
(I’m also a BIG fan of Iron Chef!)

Four Places I’ve Been On Vacation:
Colorado and Nebraska
Jonesborough TN (to the National Storytelling Festival)
the Upper Peninsula (especially The Lake Of The Clouds)
The Shack, in Jugville USA!

Four Favorite Dishes:
Moo Goo Gai Pan
Broccoli Bread (Vicki just made some last week – Yum-O!!!)
Broasted Chicken
Pork Roast

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
Chiff and Fipple – message board for whistle players
Hannah’s blog

Four Places I’d Rather Be:
Employed. 😀
The Shack
In the west end of the U.P.
Chicago – just to visit…

Four Bloggers I’m Tagging:
See – here’s the problem… most of the people whose blogs I read have either already been tagged, or wouldn’t appreciate having to do this poopy. So, let’s stop the insanity right here, shall we?

Alright… if AMANDA hasn’t been tagged yet, at least her. Just a little love passed on to ya, sistah! (I’d do something tricky and post a link to her blog, but being the Village Idiot of the internet, I’ll just mention her name, and move on…)


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