Goin’ good… for the most part

So, a great weigh-in today. Down 6.2 lbs. for a grand total of 44.3 pounds lost. I’m setting my sights on 50 lbs – it’d be great to have lost 50 lbs before my 50th birthday… 😀

Still things to get better at… journaling, and especially adding the numbers in. It’s easy to put down what food I’ve eaten, but measuring quantity and looking up calories? Not so great. I know there are a number of resources on the web for that, but it’s about making the time to exercise active self-control and do it!

Need to be better at my time – using my time effectively. There are SO many things I want to do, but I’m SO bad at getting them done. Our house is one example. We have a 3 floor (2 and a basement…) house, but we only live in the rooms on the main floor. The basement is just JAMMED with crapola, and the upstairs is no better. Instead of checking out the new listings at Craigslist and dreaming of a new house, why don’t I just get my butt in gear and make the best of the house we DO have. And guess what? I’ll probably remember why we bought the thing in the first place – the open floor plan, the fact that it’s smack in the middle of the places we need to go, close to downtown, and in a decent neighborhood. And, since I can actually do stairs (a little) now, I could actually go to the other floors and use them!

I know what is needed – eliminate what is no longer useful, and we’d have room for what we are using. Make space to put the important stuff in a proper place. Give Vicki a place to do the bills and keep the records. Move the studio to a place where it doesn’t end up as a catchall for various schlock, so that when inspiration hits, I can just sit down and create. Same for the jewelry bench, and even make room for a kiln so that we can start making fused glass.

But to even start on it just overwhelms me. To even move one thing freezes me, and I end up shuffling this pile over here, and put this pile here, and on and on…

Lord, help me set aside the things that so easily weigh me down – the weight, the clutter, the distractions – and bring everything to You. You are the only order in the chaos of life.


  1. Ever seen the show Clean Sweep? You guys should have a house emptying party. Have people over, Take everything out of the upstairs or downstairs, and sift it. Have a massive yard sale and go to Tahiti on your take. 😉

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