UPs and downs…

Gained. 3.1 pounds back on. No longer 40 total lost – but more like 36.9.

Defeat and depression? Nope. Because: 1) this was not unexpected – it was a crazy weekend, and things were nowhere near controlled. (not an excuse – just a fact.); 2) I’m in transition – adding veggies and very lean meat to my food intake, while still staying between 900 and 1000 calories, so some tweaking is expected; and 3) Did I mention it was a crazy weekend? 😀

So, where are we at? Met with Jill, our dietician today, and got my ground rules for the next few weeks – how much of what, what product to add/subtract to make it work, etc. I headed out to the car, stopped and grabbed the RIGHT stuff for lunch, and am off and running. No setbacks, no frustration – just a determination to see this thing continue on.

Self-control. (“Not gonna do that”) Perseverance. (“Not gonna quit.”) This is the place where they start to move to ACTIVE expressions of obedience. Now the real work begins. In the midst of another busy week – finishing DGL season 11, and two nights of WCSG’s Father/Daughter banquet to toodle my little flutes at.

So, if you’re someone I owe an email to (Liz, among others…), rest assured that I’ll be getting to it. Soon. Really. 😀 And if you happen to be bound for the banquet either on Thursday night or Friday night, do stop by and say hello.

Self-Control. Perseverance. Very lean meats. Veggies. These are a few of my favorite things…

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