MacJournal ROCKS!!!!!!

I have been evaluating some journaling software called MacJournal. Tonight, we bought it. 😀

(Oh, and windows peeps – stay tuned. This isn’t just for MacHeadz…)

I LOVE MacJournal – allows me to write offline, then in one push of a button send it to the web. It’s not expensive, just really really good software.


I was nosing around in the software, and found something called “Download Entries From Blog.” That sounded interesting, so I did…


The entire contents of The W’s W’s, all the way back to 2005, are now on my computer. Stories that might one day be part of a book or an article. Stuff that I need to re-read. All on my computer.

I LOVE MacJournal!

Windows Peeps – this is YOUR moment…

There’s also WinJournal, for the Windows person in all of us… of you. I’m a Mac person, now. Really. Totally.

Check it out at Mariner Software. They have a 15 day trial, so might be worth playing with.

And, I found that they offer their other products at a nice discount when you purchase one. I picked up StoryMill – a great program for writing stories, a novel, or who knows?

GOOD STUFF! Cal’s gonna be blogging more, I think.

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