Another great class!!!

Went to another jewelry class last night, and learned to make a VERY cool bracelet called Floating Orbs. Vicki loves this one! 😀 I actually liked this one better than the last bracelet I learned, because although they both use needle and thread (which I’m not as good at – I work better in wire), I found that this one was a little less tedious for me to do. Not that I’ll never make another millipede bracelet – just that I enjoy this one more. I’ll try and post a picture of it – we’re working on getting pictures of my pieces on our website… which still needs to be designed…

So, Blog Friends – anybody need some custom jewelry? 😀 I’ve got a few pieces for family on the books, as well as a commission that I’ll be finishing this weekend. And I really enjoy this work. Can I make a living at it? Doubt it.

But who knows what the Lord has in store… I sure don’t, 😀

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