All dressed up and no place to go…

So. We now own a domain name. Actually, we own 4 domain names.


What do we do with these domain names? Um… I’ll let you know. Why did we get these domain names? Well… it’s to develop a website. For me. To… um… Well, Vicki understands it all. I think.

Actually, I’ll take the keyboard off of Village Idiot mode, and explain. The site will be a way to promote some of the creative stuff I do, like music, storytelling and magic, and even the jewelry designs. To generate interest and (hopefully) bookings or commissions.

Vicki believes in me, as do many others. So I’m trying to hear their voices instead of the one that says (quoting Casting Crowns here) “boy, you’ll never win.” She also plays Voice Of Truth for me every time she gets a chance, and then sits there and grins at me. My wife. She’s amazing.

So, what’s our domain name going to be? Um… ask Vicki. 😀


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