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The jewelry keeps moving ahead… I delivered my first commission pieces on Monday, and the recipient seemed pretty satisfied. *whew!* Then, on Tuesday, another class – this one in wire. I’d put up a picture of this little puppy, but Blogger seems to be having a hairball about images. Maybe later…

Now, sterling silver wire is NOT cheap, so it would add up to a pretty pricey necklace, when you also add in the handmade lampwork bead that is the focal point. But, Vicki loves it, so we won’t be selling this one anyway. I’m looking around for different wire sources, as well as other wire I can work in, so we’ll see how that goes. I do know I LOVE working with wire – almost more than either basic stringing or working with thread.

Met with my friend Brian, the marketing guy, and he gave me some great directions to go in as far as my music and magic. And, Toonz is now through the first month, and is taking less and less time to do as I figure this new format out.

So, am I better? Not totally – but we are making progress. We still need additional income each month to break even, and we desperately need my mom’s house to sell. We pray, we wait, and although I still wonder about it all, I’m learning to trust in what I cannot see. God is faithful. He is there. He cares…

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  1. Kathy Cudney says:

    Great news and go for the necklaces. Have you thought of expanding your market to any “up north” shops. There are alot of little places in Benzonia and Beulah that carry had crafted arts, etc. God is so good to us and your faith is an inspiration to us all. Smiles to you.

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