Yikes… where does the time go?…

Yesterday it was May, spring was barely here, my birthday was just past, and summer loomed brightly just ahead.

Turn around, blink, and it’s June. Might hit the 90’s this weekend, I’m playing at Festival Friday night, and folks are already talking about how the summer is going to fly by and it’ll be winter before you know it.

Feels like we are just starting season 10 of Down Gilead Lane, but I’m actually finishing episode 12, the final episode of this season.

Couldn’t somebody PLEASE throw out the anchor and slow this boat down? Guess that’s not possible – it’s up to me, and I lost my anchor years ago. So, grab the sides of the pink candy boat, watch the Oompa Loompas row, and fly down the chocolate river.

Here’s hoping we all find some ways to slow down the summer and enjoy it. Go to the drive-in; walk the Meijer Gardens; take a bike ride to Rockford; go to Chicago and enjoy the lakeshore; sit in the backyard, in the screen house, with the rope lights, and read a book on a summer evening; go to Grand Haven and watch the sunset…

Whatever it takes, enjoy the summer. It’ll snow before too long. 😀

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  1. Anonymous says:

    couldn’t have said it better myself…(which is probably why I work in the sciences, and not entertainment…)

    See you this weekend.

    Slim Jim

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