The last 40-something year…

The countdown has begun. 364 days until I’m not a Forty-Something anymore.

Wednesday was the Captain’s birthday, celebrated with joy and moderation. (and wheeling… and some yummy food… and some games…) Thanks to all who passed along greetings in various forms, and huge thanks to my sweetie for a lovely time.

But now, the numbers 5-0 lurk above my head. Each day bringing it closer. And when May 21st, 2009 rolls around, it’ll hit.

Am I dreading it? Nah. Folks who know me know that I never act my age anyway. I may be 49, but mentally I’m still 13. 😀 Any doubt about that – see the previous post with me wearing a Wingnut Fez.

God is good. Happy birthday to me. 😀


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