OK – so I’m trying something that normally would be talked about in one of Topher’s blogs… Blogger for Word. It’s a toolbar that lets you create blog posts right within Word, letting you use all the usual tools you’re used to (assuming you’re familiar with Word), and not doing annoying stuff like having a post get dumped because something fouled on the way to being published and you just spent 30 minutes writing your heart into a post and now it’s gone to oblivion…

Not that it’s ever happened to me… 😀

Don’t ask me how well it works – this is the maiden voyage. But I should think there’s some good potential here. I mean, Vicki’s spent all this time trying to beat some semblence of understanding about Word into my thick noggin – hopefully this will show that her efforts weren’t in vain. 😀

That’s all from the blog front for now. Now, let’s see if this puppy works, or if it goes to oblivion. Fare thee well, little post. Go get ‘em, tiger…

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  1. Cal says:

    OK – it got here, but didn’t have the usual text color. I’ll have to ask Topher or Ryan about that – and maybe have to look into the scary world of HTML… Yikes.

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