WifeWisdom: A Very True Statement

My beloved, who is truly the wise one of our household, (Followed closely by BekaV, which tells you where I fall in that particular hierarchy…) said a true thing today.

Not that this is an unusual thing for the record. She often says true things. In fact, I have yet to hear her utter something that is not true. She also doesn’t say things that are unkind. She does ask a lot of questions, tho. A LOT…

I was pondering where to start my day today, either to go directly to my work at the radio station, to get some audio work done at home this morning, or go to my favorite Biggby Coffee, to write and to listen to the DAB. And Herself said…

“Write first – that’s where the maintenance gets done. “

Well said, beloved. This is the place where HER beloved does the fixing, the fine-tuning, the examination and analysis that results in steps toward wholeness. She knows, far better than I do, what happens when this time is neglected.

To listen to the Daily Audio Bible is key, because it establishes the framework for each day.

To write? Well, that helps me place myself into that framework. I see where I fit through the lens of God’s word, rather than trying to impose my own shape to the day.

What happens on the days where I just stumble out and try to shape things up on my own? Chaos. Madness. At the very least a feeling of incompleteness – getting to the end of the day wondering where it went and what I did.

I realize that many, many people don’t have this luxury, this blessing of time to get centered at the beginning of the day. So I conclude this with thanksgiving…

Thanks Lord for not only showing me me what is necessary and needful for living my life, but providing the time and resources to use it. May I never take it for granted, as I once did. Grant me the wisdom and responsibility to redeem the time You have given me, so that all my days will be centered in You. Thank you, Father.

And thank you beloved, for a very, very true statement.

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