Why you should NEVER mess with Vicki…

Let’s see… what quotes should I do here?
“Say hello to my little friend…”
“Hasta la vista, reptile…”
“It’s an 88 magnum – it shoots through schools…”
“Be afraid… be very afraid…”
“Goodbye, Mr. Anderson…”
“‘How was that?’ ‘Not bad.’ ‘For a girl’ ‘For a girl?? That was not bad for RAMBO.'”
“First you put your two knees close up tight…”
(oops – that last one was from later in the evening, whilst watching Haunted Honeymoon)

Thanks, Dan and all the IS folks – a fun time was had by all. And no, I’m NOT going to buy Vicki a rifle. She’s WAAAAAAY too good with it.


  1. Cal says:

    Denise – true dat. You should have seen the mouse she was shooting at.

    As in, COMPUTER mouse. And, for the record, she got it!

    Jer – indeed it is. 😀 If I could think of a creative way to work this into the slides for Sunday morning, you know I’d do it. 😀

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