First ride, first fall…

The Anla’shok came home today. It was here last week, we worked on assembling it Friday and Saturday, decided it had a couple of issues that needed professional help, took it to Freewheeler on Monday, and it came home today. Vicki rode it home, and she did a fine job even though it was kind of like watching a 3 year old trying to ride dad’s bike.

She went back to work, I adjusted the seat a bit, and took it to the end of the block and back. Oi. I thought I knew how to ride a recumbent, but this bike is very VERY different. Not in a bad way – just different.

Then, coming back to the house and up the driveway, I answered the question of when the first crash would be. 😀 Fortunately, it was on the grass, and the bike didn’t seem to get any damage. Took me a while to figure out how to get up off the ground, but there we are.

And yes, I did get back up on it and try it again. If you fall of the horse, and need a forklift to get back up, get on the bike again before the horse poops on you. Or something like that. Almost ditched it the second time, but I managed to stick the dismount.

Opinion? There’s a learning curve, but this thing flies. 😀 The guy at the bike shop said, “the steering is a little weird at first, but once you get going, this thing flies – I was going about 25 mph without much effort at all.” Pretty much sums up the recumbent world – when you get going on them, they haul shell.

Pictures soon. But for now, the Anla’shok is in da house. A gift from some folks who want me to be around for many years to come. I know the snow will fly soon, but until then, I’ll be hitting the trail on the new ride.

Just as long as I’m not hitting the trail… literally. *ouch*


  1. Cal says:

    No – I’m not nearly coordinated enough to use clipless pedals. I know it would help, so maybe someday I’ll go that direction.

    Wanna go riding sometime? 😀 Vicki and I are WAAAAAY out of shape, but we’re working on it. 😀

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