When Things Get Quiet…

Sorry for the extended silence on the writing front… Sometimes, when the writing stops, it means there’s some mental issues popping up and I’ve got my head down, trying to sort out the world and get my feet back on stable ground.

And that takes a while. Thus, silence on the writing front.

Unfortunately, that really isn’t a good solution, since writing is the way I process and work through most of the mental issues, so stopping the writing means stuff just piles up.

I never claimed to be smart… just sincere. 

So, let me fill in the space with a cute picture of Beka, since that’s my main go-to plan when there’s a blog void…

A friend of ours called her “regal.” I second that emotion.
Regal in repose.

Regal with her packmates. Or regal while climbing the heights of Momma Mountain. Not sure which.

Regal on the throne of previously clean clothes, now mysteriously covered with fine white hair.

Not quite so regal. But funny.

Thanks for filling in the empty space, Beka. Good doggie!


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