Phabulous Photo Um… Phriday-NOT! Anniversary Edition

This is a tribute to something I hold dear to my heart…

You’re correct – I do hold her dear to my heart… But in this particular case, I speak not of Herself…

Once again, you are indeed correct – it is a well-documented fact that I loves my nieces to pieces. And my nephypoohs, just for the record. But, again, in this case, they are not of whom I speak at this time…

Wow – you do know me pretty well. Yes, my rolling companion for many miles, Big Blue, is dear to me. But again, we’re not speaking of my amazing TerraTrike just now, or of my infatuation with the Musketawa Trail, or that sort of stuff.

Now you’re just being silly…

*ahem* “I believe, and rightly so, that the big guy is referring, as is just and proper, to ME. At least, he’d better be if he expects to have any unshredded underwear…”

And, as she is on the rare occasion, BekaV is correct. She is whom of speak do I.

Ta-DA! Here am I, of whom speak did you ever so obliquely and laboriously. Long-winded are you, but strong in the Force am I. Amateur Yoda wanna-be you remain.”

Um… thanks.

A year ago, the day after Memorial day, we bid a VERY sad goodbye to our beloved Ezri, having loved her for 12 years. And yes, I still miss her…

But, just at the right time, we happened to be checking out the puppies from Lake Haven rescue. And just happened to pick out one, only to have him be adopted before we decided. And so…

“Good heavens and great gravy bones, man – will you just get on with it!! The folks are waiting to bask in my cuteness, and you’re prattling on and on. STUFF A (shredded) SOCK IN IT!

Um… Sorry.

So we came across another puppy, and that was pretty much that. Her name was…

“Hey hey HEY! Icksnay on the old aim-nay! I’ve got a contract – no naming the old name. No no no no! Bad Cal – BAD Cal!!”

Deal with it, Fuzzface. Her name was…

“DON’T DO IT!!!”

… Ziva.


Um, Beka?


Unpaw my Proofreader, or you’re never getting doggie bacon strips again… EVER.

“Oh… Well. Sorry. Um… Really. Don’t know what came over me. Really. Doggie bacon strips? Had no idea what was at stake. My bad. Really. Sorry. Please continue with your tale, dearest doggie daddy…

No more doggie bacon strips.” *shudder* “The very thought chills me tail…”

Within 24 hours, however, her name was changed from Ziv… Um… the artist formerly known as something ELSE….

To Beka Valentine. Named after a character from Gene Roddenberry’s “Andromeda.” And living up to the feisty nature of the original Beka Valentine. Yup – we picked the right name.

“Let’s roll that beautiful puppy footage, shall we?”

Adoption day – June 16, 2012

“My peeps had NO idea what fun I had in store for them…”

“But I knew… Hee hee hee. And they thought I was the one that needed rescuing… Silly peeps.”

Obviously, at 7 weeks old, we had NO idea what we were getting into… and yet we did and were ok with it.

“I’m sorry – were you still talking? I dozed off a bit…”

No biggie – you just take a nap right here, little girl.

And so, our sweet rescue puppy came into our little family…

And into our hearts.

And no, I still don’t understand this whole leg thing…
“I told you – the leg joints weren’t due in for another week. It’s all good – they just were backordered. No biggie.”

And our girl grew, showing us that she wasn’t at all what we expected… not an Australian Cattle Dog…
“Hey – you guys never asked. I could have TOLD you right up front, but no… you never asked.”

You’re right – it really didn’t matter. We were smitten.
“All part of the plan, man.”
We went on vacation…
“No, peeps – I did NOT travel in there. Just bein’ clear. But it rocked for naps!”

And discovered that she really REALLY likes outdoors… green grass… backyards…

And getting us in trouble with the In-Laws.
“Did you have any idea what was down there? Seriously! I never find stuff like that in YOUR… I mean, OUR… I mean, MY yard!”
And so, our homegirl began to share her surprises with us…
Like the ears.
“Yes, they were leaning on each other… Hey – they were just getting started. I had to get them babies in shape before they could stand on their own!”

She showed us her crazy personality…

And crazy legs.

“Surprise!! Go look up “Ibizan Hound.” Now sob quietly into your hankie. Now take me for a walk! Oh, and hand over a couple doggie bacon strips, STAT!”

And so, her true nature was revealed. Sweet, FAST, TALL, and claiming us as a part of her pack.

Including dear Auntie Hannah. She LOVES Auntie Hannah… especially her couch.

She politely informed us that the bed that was “our” bed is now “OUR” bed, which is translated as “HER” bed.

And is teaching us to get off our tushies and get outside… with her… often… like right NOW for example.

She’s a companion, staying close to her packmates.

She’s a cuddler, giving us all the fur therapy we need.
And her amber eyes melt my heart.
Happy anniversary, BekaV. Thanks for rescuing us.

“No problem, peeps. And, for the record, I love you. Thanks for rescuing me.”

Thanks to the wonderful folks from Lake Haven Rescue for being an advocate for those who don’t have a voice, for bringing 5 little puppies found in a box on the side of the road down south up to West Michigan, and for introducing us to our packmate. We’re trying to honor the trust you placed in us when you let us bring Beka home.

Thank you.


  1. Shawn Powers says:

    Also, I now want to watch Andromeda instead of working. This is a real danger now that I work from home, I have the entire series on my server. Two clicks and I could be dodging Magog…

  2. Cal says:

    Bwaaa haaa haaa! I’m SO glad to be a positive influence in your life. We have the whole Slipstream Collection on DVD – yes, I’m hooked. 😀

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