What do these stones mean? (weekly weigh-in)

Lost almost a pound this week. (.8) Normally, that would make me really discouraged. But, I’m going to try something different…

In Joshua 4, we have the Israelites crossing the Jordan, and placing 12 stones there as a memorial. The phrase that gets me there is “When the children ask, what do the stones mean?” , and then it goes on from there. Lots of places in the OT, you’ll find stones being placed as an altar or memorial – an ‘ebenezer’ to remind them of something.

So, I need to trace my milestones. I need to see how far of a journey I’ve made since April 1, 2004. At that time:
– I could not stand for more than a minute or two without my knees giving out
– I was 14 pounds away from 500.
– I was depressed, losing entire hours in a fog, just sitting in my chair staring at the tv.
– I had just started using my wheelchair, but could barely move it without Vicki’s help.
– I couldn’t dress myself – couldn’t reach my feet.
– I was a diabetic.
– Any wound to my left leg would take months to heal, leaving me open to another leg infection.
– Any time we would go to the store, my beloved would have to go in by herself, while I sat in the car, unable to walk. (that was just before the wheelchair)


– I only use the chair for exercise, or for a long time like in the store, at the mall, etc.
– I only use my cane if it’s a “bad knee day” or I’m going to be walking and standing a bit.
– I can dress my own feet.
– My wounds heal normally.
– I’m not a diabetic.
– I get to go places with Vicki.
– I don’t have to ask her to wait on me hand and foot, because I CAN get up and do things myself.
– I like who I see in the mirror.
– I can stand up to play my bass at church, not to mention movin’ and groovin’ a bit. 🙂
– I can walk as fast as my wife.
– Many of the negative things I once believed about myself simply aren’t true anymore.
– I have hope.
– I have energy left over to serve God, to love others, and to praise Him with all that is within me.
– I can sleep on my side.
– My meds have dropped from 14 pills a day to 6 or so.
– I smile a lot. 🙂
– I can stand and play catch with Vicki. Or Ezri. Or both when Ezri snags a ball intended for Vicki…
– I fit in more chairs, but not the Van Andel Arena chairs… yet…

How can I be discouraged, for the One who has brought me this far will surely continue on with me. He will continue to be my strength and my song. So, I’ll keep on the path. For as long as it takes, as long as He gives me to carry on.

And, maybe, just maybe someday I’ll ride a trike. Maybe even a Windcheetah. 😀


  1. ooie32 says:

    ROCK ON!!!!

    “God has brought me this far” will get you through many challenges as long as you don’t forget…hence the trail of rocks.

    i am so glad for you and it’s encouraging to see God’s active hand in your life. positively svelte…

  2. Jeff says:

    Yeah, I noticed the other day. You were walking into the cafeteria and I thought to myself, “Man, he is moving. I’ve never seen Cal go so quickly”. You had the same look on your face that my 4 year old, who just learned to ride her little bike, does. “Look at me go!”

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