The sun came out, and dried up the landy, landy…

It’s not time yet to begin discussing things. But, the ice is beginning to thaw a bit. It’s a sunny day, which helps. And last night, some very excellent therapy happened while playing a duo gig at Meier Gardens with the ever-fabulous and amazing Roger MacNaughton. The joy of making music and pouring my sorrow, my pain, and even my joy through the aching voice of the whistle was a balm indeed. Playing “You Raise Me Up” was, in particular, a healing moment.

As I said, it’s not time yet to discuss events, to reveal specifics (though most people who read this know what has happened), or to speculate on the future. For now, the sun is shining, music is a healing thing, and God begins to reveal Himself anew to this stone-cold iron-hard heart…


  1. Couchy says:

    I am sorry if it seems shallow, but popping in on Saturday to do work and seeing the HKR studio dark was disheartening. More for you than me I am sure.

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