1 down, ?? to go

Most people who read this (although most people no longer read this… 🙂 know that I’ve been laid off from His Kids Radio. This is not the post where I talk about how I feel about that…

However, the one and ONLY positive thing thus far in being unemployed is getting progress made on my CD. Today, the first song was completed. Hannah and Vicki (as well as others near Vicki’s office) heard it first, and (to my surprize) liked what they heard. The background track for the next song is 99.5% done – just one little thing to fix, and it’ll be ready for the whistle solo to go over top of it.

That’s little comfort for losing what has been my life for the past almost 20 years, but it’s something anyway. Not much sleep, many tears, and lots of confusion still, and trying to trust in God’s plan. (and trying to believe that He has a plan – in my head, I know He does, but right now my heart is pretty beaten down…) So, I’m trying to do what Vicki has told me – focus on the CD, keep your brain occupied, and wait for the Lord to show us what the next step is. Oh – and do the dishes. 😀


  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me know if you need any supplemental instrumentation, or an extra set of hands. I have been known (on occasion) to be handy 🙂 …

    Mulder (the one who is not related to that guy from the x-files…)

    …did I over use the ellipsis in this comment?

  2. Kathy Cudney says:

    Cal am keeping you in my prayers. I had a point in my life once that left my heart just torn apart. I often wondered if God cared but he does. Looking back it really strengthened me. I for one still read your blog and am excited about the CD. I am Topher’s mom-in-law so if you share a copy with him maybe I will get to hear it too. Keep the chin up. 🙂

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