Let’s see… To fulfill my Fluffy Goodness responsibilities…

Throwback: Things I’ve used for Organ Shoes…

Oh yes… Oh yes, I did.
The longest-running of the group – known as “The Old and Busted…”
And the new member of the group – “The New Hotness.”

One of these things is NOT like the others… Thank you to a special friend, who got me properly outfitted for some summer organ gigs.

And, there is a distinct possibility that these babies will be evolving sometime soon… perhaps something in PURPLE? Stay tuned…

Ok – on to PhunnyPhriday…

For some reason, our “girls” (Kira, then Ezri, and now B-Dog) always seem to give me “the look” when I’m driving – the look that says, “Are you sure Mom is ok with you driving this thing without her? I mean, you don’t seem to do it all that well. It’s a lot nicer when she drives. Are you SURE you have permission from her?…”

Yup. Every one of them.

Or is it just me?

Don’t answer that.

And, for SillySuperSaturday, I leave you with this deep thought…

Have a spiffy weekend, my peeps.

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