Pondering the Adjusting to the Pondering of the Adjusting…

Susie Finkbeiner, wise in the ways of writing and blogging, calls this type of blog post a “mutt…” One of those here’s what’s going on in my world, without any real content, sans poignant truths or lessons, nor any stuff that would further your career as a writer, or at least persuade people to join your “tribe” and build your “platform,” kinds of posts

And that’s all true.

But honestly, sometimes my head is buzzing so loudly that I simply want to sit back, look at some pictures, and think about where I’ve wandered lately. So I shall.

Feel free to mosey off, if such “muttly” meanderings aren’t your cup of… something.


As I may have mentioned before, whenever things get quiet here at Fluffy Goodness Central, it usually means I’m pondering something… Or adjusting to something… Or pondering something that I’m adjusting to.

Yeah. That.

Anyway, the biggest part of my part-time gig at the radio station came to an end on May 31st, so I’m in adjusting and pondering mode… All without a net OR income. Whee.

I’m learning lessons, working on my “work at home and actually get something accomplished instead of staring at YouTube all day” thing, and starting to finally get a clue about what I’m doing with my existence now…

Along the way…

My teeny tiny little niecelet dun gradiated from high school. That makes one neffy and three niecelets, which completes the set. And I’ve got a picture with each one of ’em at gradiatian time. The first two, I was in a wheelchair for, the second two, on my own twos feets.
She is little (she was first in line, ’cause she’s the shortest in her class…), and she IS fierce. Yup. Totally.
And I love my nieces to pieces. Totally.

Since the little one and I share a love of working with wire jewelry, the occasion actually got me down to my bench, (for the first time in a couple of years…) to make a little something for her…

Turquoise is her birthstone, so it works – especially since one of her sisters gave me some neat stones at Christmas to play with. So I did. And there it is – a little something for a little someone.

(See what I did there?)

So I’m trying to listen to the Lord’s call in the midst of adjusting and pondering, keeping my hands busy with wire, with yarn (’cause that blanket ain’t going to make itself… I wish it would, but no.), and…

Paracord.  (Oh, and sometimes hex nuts mixed in, ’cause that’s how I roll…)

I really, really needed another thing to mess around with…

Said nobody who knows me, ever.


Besides, all the cool kids are doing paracord. And doing it well, I might add. Which really makes me wonder, “Why bother? There are already a bazillion people making a gazillion things out of this stuff, so why do it at all?”

Because Vicki said I could.

And anything that keeps me distracted and out of her hair is a good, good thing.

In other news…

I survived the first of four Sundays playing the organ at church. Now, “survived” might not be a word one would think of in relation to worshiping at the house of God, but I calls ’em like I sees ’em. I played, I didn’t make a total doorknob of myself, and the service didn’t hit any musical brick walls at 60 mph. That’s “survived,” and it’s good.
A very caring someone bought these organ shoes for me, and I’m so thankful. My feet were doing the happy dance on the pedals, when they weren’t “surviving.”
Meanwhile, Beka sits in the sunshine, near the shambles of things she’s chewed, and her pen filled with other things she’s chewed…
“Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s alright.”
I agree, little girl – it’s alright.

“It’d be even more alright if you’d bust out some doggie bacon strips to go along with the sunshine…”

Maybe later. Eat your kibble first.

“Whatever, old man. We both know that I’ve got you wrapped around my back paw. Hah.”

Yes. Yes you do, little one… Especially when you’re sitting in the sunshine.

I ponder, my friends. I adjust. And I keep listening, to see where my “nomadic career path” is heading next. (I love that summary of my strange path that a friend gave me…) But for this day, I’ll look at my girl sitting in the sunshine, and smile a little.

Thanks for pondering along… Tune in next time to hear Beka say…

“It’s good to be the Beka. Now wander your “nomadic career whachamacallit” over there and get me a cookie, pondering pilgrim…”

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