Quick trike update… Yes, it’s here in Grand Rapids. No, it’s not assembled yet. Yes, it was damaged in shipment, and Yes, the bike shop is having a ridiculous time trying to assemble it. No, they didn’t ship assembly instructions with it, and Yes that was pretty boneheaded of them to send the bike without assembly instructions. No, I haven’t heard back from them when I wrote to ask for some instructions or at least something to help the guys at Freewheeler put the thing together. Yes, I am a touch frustrated about the whole thing, but Yes I realize that this sort of thing happens when you buy things and have them shipped. No, I’m not discouraged, but Yes I’m a little impatient. And, Yes, if I could have found another trike locally that would accomodate me, I would have rather bought local. But No, the only one I know of is a Greenspeed, which is around $4000. So, we wait… Patiently… 🙂

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