Is vacation worth it?

Sometimes, I do wonder if all the preparation before a vacation, and the usual poopy that tends to happen after a vacation outweigh the benefit of taking time off…

Don’t get me wrong – camp was amazing. I realized it was a good thing when I got all the way to Wednesday or so before even having work come to mind. Hours of sitting in the shade reading, swimming, relaxing – it does allow the ol’ brainpan some needed downtime. We liked it so much that we’ve already paid our deposit for next year.

BUT, the return to the real world is usually (although not always) accompianied by at least one or two *challenging* situations, not to mention the pile of stuff that waited until one gets back. Such was the case in my little world. So, now I’m slogging through doo-doo, while still trying to figure out what planet I’m on. Does this immediately cancel out any restful benefit that came from time away?

So, is it worth it to take time off?

Um… YES. 😀 It was a great week of relaxing with friends, a time of re-connecting with my beloved, and a time to get away and listen for God’s voice. Not to mention making it through a couple of 600+ page books in the course of a week. 🙂 Nice…

Now, back to the aforementioned poopy and doo-doo. Time to grab the shovel and dive in…

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