So when are you due?… (CD, not baby…)

To answer Jenelle’s comment on the previous post, yes! The CD should be back in time to be a great Christmas gift. (I’m blushing a bit as I write this…) Here’s where we are at:

The CD is at the plant, getting mastered and having the artwork finalized. We hopefully will see proofs of the artwork early next week, and if all continues on schedule, they should hopefully be back near the end of November – maybe even before Thanksgiving! The project manager we’re working with has been super – very helpful and lots of great communication.

One feature that was added that we didn’t even realize could be a feature: when you put the disc in a “smart” CD player, like your computer or a car player with this capability, the player will display the titles of the different tracks. 😀 Call me a geek, but I think that’s just plain cool! Or, if you import it into iTunes from the CD, it should recognize the text on the CD and load the titles for you. (I’m guessing on that last one – we’ll see when it comes back…)

Now, a question for the fine and friendly folks that read this blog…

We’re working out what to charge for the CD, and I’d like some input. We’re taking into account what it cost to make the thing, not only the actual duplication and artwork, but the hours and hours involved in the whole process – from writing the songs to recording the tracks to mixing, etc. So, the price we’re thinking of is $15 for the CD, and a price break from there when someone buys more than one.

So, what do you think? Does $15 seem fair for a 54 minute CD? I know folks who think that all music should be free, and while I can understand and appreciate that, the $3000 and-then-some dollars to make the thing has to come from somewhere. We were going back and forth between $10 and $15, keeping our costs in mind, and are leaning toward the $15, not only to pay for this project, but to make future ones possible. (including replacing a couple of computers, to make sure that the studio system doesn’t die in the middle of the next project, leaving the fate of the songs in near-jeopardy… coming that close to losing them just about freaked me out…) I already have two songs that are definite for the next disc, as well as a couple new ones that are just in the process of being written. I’m also hoping to do something special with part of the proceeds from the next CD – details forthcoming on that…

So, if you’d take the time to leave a comment, it’d give us a totally non-scientific sampling of an admittedly biased audience. 😀 Thanks! Now we sit back and wait… anxiously. 😀


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