Cal’s Top 10 Things That Make Daily Life Better

I’ve been going on and on about the CD so much, that I thought I’d ramble (or babble) for a bit. I’ve been thinking about my daily routine – or lack thereof, and discovered there are certain things that make things better… So, here they are. Some of them may be helpful to you… others are one-of-a-kind, and sorry – I’m not giving those up. 😀

(In no particular order… sort of…)

10) Senseo coffee pod brewer – Since I’m the only one who drinks coffee in our house (and that would be flavored, with LOTS of cream and some sugar…), it makes sense not to have a conventional brewer. I can also make one flavor in the morning, and switch to another one anytime I want to! (

(I should also mention the LARGE water tank for the Senseo – VERY important!)

9) Cool Beans Coffee Pods – (makes sense – you need coffee pods for the brewer, right?) Cool Beans has a lot of flavored decaf coffee pods, as well as some teas. Chocolate Raspberry and French Vanilla are some faves of mine, along with Mocha Cinnamon Swirl and Gingerbread Cookie (which I happen to be enjoying right now…). Good stuff! (

8) Ezri. She makes sure I don’t sit in one place too long, since every couple of hours she comes to wherever I’m working and asks to go play in the back yard. And, she keeps me company on those days when I’m feeling a little lonely.

7) High Speed Internet. ‘Nuff said.

6) The Neverlate Alarm Clock – This little puppy ROCKS!!! 7 seperate alarms, that you can set once and leave alone. Don’t have to remember to turn on the alarm for the next morning, since it goes to the next one each day. So I can do one time Tuesday-Friday, a later one for Saturday, earlier on Sunday, and later on Monday. BRILLIANT!!! I love this thing!!! (

5) A headset for my phone 😀 – I use it to make appointments, take information from clients, and just generally have my hands free when I’m on the phone.

4) An iPod and a Bose Sounddock – A continuous background of music to work by. Except of course for when I’m working on music. 😀 (

3) Rock ‘N’ Roller Hand Truck – This little puppy expands into a platform cart so I can take my entire rig into a gig in one trip. Needless to say, it’s essential.

2) Really good pliers – the better to make jewelry with. 😀

1) Vicki. Yes, she’s a PERSON, not a thing… but she keeps the computers running; her eye for design and proofing is what will make the CD look better than it sounds; Her heart is huge, and she shows me what God’s love looks like every day.

And, she is the one who decided that her 47 year old hubby would stay home and follow a path to creativity, instead of going back to a day job. That vision has brought smiles to the faces of many senior citizens, and hopefully to many others when the CD is released. She is amazing, and she is my beloved!

And over it all? The grace and love of God, giving an old dog like me a chance for a new path. To Him alone is the glory, for His love endures forever…

Soli Deo Gloria


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