ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!

Regular readers of The W’s W’s (the Very Few, the Semi-Proud) know that we are Cirque Du Soleil fans. We’ve seen three of the shows live (Varekai, Drallion and Quidam), and it’s my semi-goal to see all of the shows sometime. (Except for one – which shall not be named. It’s a Las Vegas resident show, and I was sad when Cirque decided to do it…) After my life changed in 2006, I was expecting that my Cirque days were over – not much money left for extravagnaces like shows.

Two new shows have come out since we last went – Corteo and Kooza (the newest one), as well as a couple of resident shows and two arena shows. (Delirium and Saltimbanco, which used to be a touring show before being converted to an arena show) Well, I was looking over the tickets, found a couple of perfect seats in the cheap section, and before you could say “Happy Birthday To Me!”, we are going to Columbus OH to see Cirque!!!! 😀

(Yes, that birthday remark was made for me, btw. May 21st, to be precise.)

It’ll be good to see Cirque again. And good to go on a road trip like that again. My spirit needs a bit of that, as do we all. Doesn’t have to be a big honkin’ thing – just a small break to refresh us. 😀

And a small break at White Castle. A few of them, actually. But no Waffle House – you gotta draw the line someplace.

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