Riverside Park ROCKS!!!

OK – I know a lot of you out there are going to say, “Duh…” to this, but honestly – I had no idea that the bike path at Riverside Park was that cool!

I awoke at 7:30 this morning, tried to doze off and had no success, got up at 7:45, and Vicki wandered out at 8am, saying “Haven’t you been to bed yet?” (She was so zonked, she didn’t hear me come in at 1:30am 🙂 Since we were both up, I suggested we go for a walk, and she picked the park.

(to those who don’t normally read this prattle, when I refer to going for a “walk,” I’m usually refering to wheeling in my chair. Vicki walks, and sometimes pushes, and I wheel…)

9am, hit the bike path near Ann Street, and off we went. Beautiful morning, lots of folks running, walking, and on bikes, and the pleasant experience of having complete strangers say “good morning” to you. 🙂 I had no idea it was that pretty back there, nor how much fun it would be.

So, my wife and I are going to try and make this a daily thing, weather permitting. It means getting up a lot earlier, but it’s worth it.

We’re going to get my old recumbent bike (my ReBike) out of storage and to the bike shop to get it running again. Don’t know if I can even ride anymore, with my knees being this bad, but we’ll see. A trike would be better, because I wouldn’t have to worry about balance along with everything else.

And, if I can get a trike, Vicki can use the ReBike. 🙂

So, if you’d like to donate to the “Buy The Round Boy A Trike” fund, just let me know. “A little from a lot will put us over the top!” (I miss Mel Johnson…)

(the preceeding was purely for fun. Knowing the folks that read this thing, y’all don’t have surplus funds any more than we do. But, if an eccentric philanthropist just happens to stumble across this blog, well, feel free to drop me a note. 🙂

Maybe WCSG can do a Trike Friendraiser… Nah. 🙂

Have a happy holiday!

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  1. Couchy says:

    Hey wow you were right down the street from us. We checked out that very park and very trail a couple weekends ago. You’re right, that park rocks!

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