Random Monday

All 2.48 of you who read this thing occasionally want a general update. So, here it is…

Dan Fogelberg passed away yesterday at age 56… Thanks for the music, gentle minstrel. Next time I play “Leader Of The Band,” it’s for you.

My FINAL Christmas Gig is THIS FRIDAY!!! Friday night, 7pm at Frenz in Rockford. I’ll be doing selections from the new CD, as well as other holiday faves. Come on out for a great evening – Christmas music, good company at Frenz, and downtown Rockford on a December night. Should be lovely!!

Rudolph’s Razzle Dazzle Christmas WAS A BLAST!!! A great time was had by all at both shows. Jeremy & Cara were fabulous, the music was wonderful, and we’ll definitely have to do more than two shows next year!!! And, Four Friends Coffeehouse is a nice place – right across from the skating rink in downtown GR. It was fun to be able to see people skating as we were jamming away Saturday night!

Musicians tend to see the holidays in terms of number of gigs – how many gigs do I have left before I’m off for the holiday? Then we count down until the end and we can actually relax. I’m down to three – Friday night in Rockford, Sunday morning at church (it’s an acoustic week this week, so I’ll be playing whistles & recorders – fun!), and Christmas Eve up in Newberry. Three gigs to go before Christmas rest and relaxation!!! (and the annual Lord Of The Rings Marathon in front of the big screen in Mom & Dad’s living room. We’ve invited the niecelets this year – the eldest is definitely looking forward to it!)

Three to go, then it’s CHRISTMAS!!! 😀

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