Eye Bee A Bonehead-HeadBONE-BoneHAID!

My wife. Patient. Kind. Loving. And cute.

Me. Dufus.

This morning, as we were on the runway, getting ready for takeoff to our respective accommodations of employment, my keys came up missing. We both remembered where they were from the previous night, but were not now there.

A search ensued. A LONG search. With my patient wife becoming a tad impatient as the minutes ticked by and the deadline to be to work came and went.

After a good 30 minutes or so, I put my hand into the front pocket of my hoodie, wherein lies my cell phone…

and found the keys.

Embarrassment follows. So, publicly, I apologize to my beloved, to her supervisor and co-workers, to her department, and to the republic for which they stand, ad infinitum, e pluribus something-or-other, world without end, play ball.

Bonehead. That’s me.

The keys are now back in their usual space, where they usually are to be found. I made sure of that.

Sorry, honey.

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