Photo Phunny

So Beka continues to provide merriment, delight, and nocturnal emissions.

And she confuses me. A lot.

In the above photo, she is indeed laying in one of her accustomed places, on my bed, right behind my legs. When we have arisen in the morning, I always spread the blanket back up on the bed, thus coming as close as I ever do to “making” my bed.

Always seemed like nonsense to me – in a few hours, you’re just going to trash it again, so why go through all the poopy of making it “purty” when we all know it’ll go bye-bye soon. Rubbish.

But I digress…

So after having laid by me, but on TOP of the blanket all night, little Miss Furface will sneak back into the bedroom whilst Herself and I are getting up, setting up my coffee I.V., etc. And when she sneaks back into the bedroom, this is what happens:

Yup. That blanket was up over the pillows. Really.

But, for some reason, the little hairball decides that she needs to neatly pull down the blanket, and make herself a little nest right here.

Like I said, she lays on the blanket all night. So why in the name of Fats Waller does she need to move it aside, that she might nap on the sheet below?

This is a mystery that will never be solved. Oh, I know – my peeps will chime in and tell me that it’s to get closer to my scent or something. But if Homegirl’s nose is so much more powerful than mine, (And, really, since my sense of smell ain’t in da house anymore, just about anybody’s nose is more powerful than mine…) why does she want to get closer to my scent?

The same scent that makes Herself run to the other end of the house, screaming, truth be told.

Anyway, the mystery will never be solved.

Thanks for smelling your way through another Photo Phunny. Tune in next time to hear BekaV say…

Wow – you really don’t get the whole ‘I’m a DOG’ thing, do you? I sniff butts, I bathe my nether regions, and I dig up unmentionable things in the backyard. Mystery solved. Now fetch me some doggie bacon strips, or I’ll tell the peeps all about the REAL source of ‘nocturnal emissions’ around here…”

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