“…And I Don’t Know Why.”

For the record, Neffypooh did NOT get me onto Thunderhawk at Michigan’s Adventure… Maybe next time…

There are two ways of looking at the following statement…

” I never __________, and I don’t know why.”

The first way of thinking about this causes me to pause, sigh, and hang my head in gloomy reflection, because it reminds me of too many dreams I didn’t even try to follow.

The second way just occurred to me today, right after pausing, sighing, and hanging my head in gloomy reflection…

The second way of thinking about this is to say, “Well, since I don’t know why I never did that, and it’s something that I really ought to do, something that I want to do, something that I need to do, then I guess I should quit messing around and do it.”

Since I don’t know why I didn’t start, didn’t follow through, didn’t pursue, then there really aren’t any good reasons (that I’m aware of) that I shouldn’t or can’t have at it now. After all, if I did think of an actual good reason why I never should do that, then I wouldn’t get to say, “I never _____, and I don’t know why.”

If I don’t know why, then why not?

For example, here’s the usual sort of conversation I have with myself. Or as one of my favorite pics off of Facebook says, “I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other.”

Self, meet self. Have a nice chat…

I’ve not even started writing my book, and I don’t know why.

Ok – well, there’s nothing standing in the way, is there?

But… I don’t have time.

You do – you just spend it in front of the computer screen, staring at meaningless crap that produces nothing worthwhile, for literally hours at a time.

But… I can’t. I’m not a writer.

Um… I’m not even going to dignify that load of fertilizer with a response.


NO. You just said, “I don’t know why.” So you don’t. There are no obstacles, no good reasons preventing you, no actual barriers. Nada. Zip. Nuttin’. 



I haven’t gotten around to finishing my first hymns CD, and I don’t know why.

Ok – well, then…


Are we really going to do this again? Here – let me help… You DO have the arrangements for the most part – some of them you’ve been playing for a couple of years. You DO have both the technology and the instrumentation to get the job done. And you DO have any number of talented friends who would throw in if you simply ask. You don’t know why not, SO…

Um – so, just get going?



I’ve let myself get back up to over 250 lbs, and I don’t know why.


No – I DO know why. It’s because I’m not watching my intake closely enough, I’m not doing any moving, and…

And so, you do know why. Which means you know what to do to change it.

So, again, just get going?

Are you seeing a pattern here? Are you finally boarding the Clue Bus? 



My self isn’t very patient with my self, just for the record.

So, there are no reasons why not, or at least no reasons I haven’t identified that can’t be overcome. My only obstacle seems to be the one I drop in front of myself – not even starting.

Just get going.

And so, it begins. I can’t promise I won’t backslide, I won’t lose a day or three in front of the almighty (NOT) screen for hours at a time, or that I won’t hear the doubts screaming in my ears every time I put my hand to the task.

But I don’t know why not, so I’m going to. Now. Today. And tomorrow. And the next day, ’cause this is gonna take a while.

You too? Got something you didn’t do, and you don’t know why? Congratulations – you are unimpeded, you’re unfettered, the road before you is clear, and all the lights are green.

If “you don’t know why,” then you might as well.

Meesa too.

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